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Be The Change Club

Although we are proud of the work we have done, our community of educators and civic leaders continue to be concerned about the number of teens at risk in the Elk Grove area. Given the explosive growth of the Elk Grove community, there are many more teens than ever that are at risk. Specifically, more youth in our community are exposed to negative influences such as violent crime, child abuse, drugs, and poverty. The challenge we face is to find ways to help reduce the impact of these risk factors by identifying programs that can help to protect these children. Our programs are invaluable not only to the youth that we serve but also to the overall Elk Grove community.


your monthly or one time gift is an investment in the lives of Elk Grove area teens by providing a safe place for them to do their homework, engage in activities and connect with our Site Mentors. Your investment also helps to support out weekly Breakfast Club in which we provide a pancake breakfast to our students on their way to school. 

Thank you so much for considering to make an investment in the lives of Elk Grove Teenagers!


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